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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Travel Bag Essentials: What's in My Carry On Bag?

I feel like I have mastered my checklist of what I will need in my carry on bag for a flight.  It may seem like a lot, but it's always nice to have more than  you need with how unreliable travel can be. Here are the items that I always like to have with me when I fly whether is for personal or professional travel.  I like to travel with a few different pouches within my larger bag so that it's easy to grab for items without feeling like my bag is a bottomless pit.

Electronics pouch - I like to keep any cords, charges and small devices that I'll need for travel in one case.  Usually this pouch consists of a backup battery pack (a must have when traveling), phone charger, apple watch charger, hotspot, headphones and camera charger.  I try to keep all of the cords cleanly wrapped by either using extra hair ties or a cord clip.

Cosmetics Pouch - Sometimes I will carry my full travel makeup bag in my tote if I am tight for space in my carry on bag, but either way I usually have a small cosmetics pouch to carry the essentials.  This pouch usually includes a few lipglosses, lip balm, extra hair ties, hair clips, blotting papers, Dramamine and ibuprofen.  I usually carry this cosmetics pouch with me whether I am travel or not, but like to throw in a few extra items when traveling.

Travel Essentials Pouch - This pouch usually contains miscellaneous items that I only carry when I'm travel. I like to throw in a few tea packs, travel Spark pouches, Kleenex, granola bars, and usually some extra sunglasses, especially if I'm going somewhere warm and sunny.

Card Case - I like to make sure to downsize my wallet when traveling.  I usually switch to a small bag when I reach my destination so I want to make sure that I have a wallet that will easily transfer into other bags.  I love a simple card case, because I usually only need my ID and a few credit cards.

Tote - I recently purchased this MZ Wallace tote after reading about so many others recommending this and now I understand the hype.  This bag is so versatile and especially great for a beach vacation since you can easily wash the bag or wipe it clean.  I now even use this as my workbag on days that I head downtown since it holds so much and I love that it has a zipper closure.  I love to use my Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, but it makes me nervous when traveling if I don't have a zipper on my bag so I love how secure this bag is with the big zipper closure.

Large scarf - I usually travel with at least one large scarf and sometimes an oversized cardigan as well. I like to throw these on the top of my bag, because 9 times out of 10 I get cold on an airplane or am dying for a 'pillow' so that I can get some sleep.  I recommend picking one that is a neutral color and one that will match most of the clothes that you have packed, because you'll probably want something to easily throw on at night when you get to your destination as well.

Computer, computer case, and computer charger - not pictured in this photo, but I don't remember the last trip that I took and didn't take my computer.  I usually end up buying wifi on the plane and getting some work done.  I've heard of people that swear that they get their best work done on an airplane since it's so uninterrupted and peaceful.  I like to make sure that my computer is handy, because as soon as the wifi light goes on, I usually fire up my laptop.


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