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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

What's in My Bag: Spring Edition

These are my absolute favorite posts to read on other blogs and videos to watch on youtube.  I seem to be just a naturally very nosy person.

Bag - I have a few bags in my rotation, but love this one by Tory Burch, because it can easily be dressed up or used casually. It hold everything I need except my laptop (which I only carry a few days a week).

Wallet - I switch between carrying a large wallet and carrying a small card holder. I'm finding recently that I love just having a small card holder and love this one by LV that attaches to my keys.

Sunglasses - While I usually keep a pair in my car, I like to carry a pair with me just in case.  It seem like every post I've written, I found a need to write about sunglasses, but they're just an everyday essential!

Small cosmetic pouch - I have a few items that I like to have with me no matter what I'm up to.  Lip balm, hand cream, Kleenex, Advil, Dramamine (I usually only need this when I'm flying, but I always seem to forget it so I just keep it in my bag at all times, just in case!), sample size mascara, a lipliner, lipstick, and at least one lipgloss.  I also like to throw in a compact, while I usually don't end up needing this, but it's like a safety blanket to me.

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