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Monday, April 30, 2018

Spring Everyday Makeup Routine

CC Cream | Concealer | Under Eye Corrector

Perfecting Micro-Powder | CC+ Perfecting Powder | Blush

Brow Pencil | Brow Gel | Mascara

Bronzer | Tinted Lip | Setting Spray

It finally feels like spring is here.  We had beautiful weather this past weekend and really tried to get outside and enjoy it.  We even went and bout new patio furniture since we have a bigger deck on our new townhouse.  I can already picture us sitting out there nonstop this summer. We are supposed to have even nicer weather this coming weekend so Friday can't come soon enough!  With the transition to warmer weather, I like the pair down my everyday makeup routine.  I typically don't wear much unless we are headed to an event.  I try to spend as much of the week makeup free as possible, but this is what I wear on the days that I head into the office or am running around town. I concentrate more on evening out my skin-tone and making it more of a no makeup makeup look.  This routine also includes lots of SPF which I think is so important this time of year!

CC Cream - If you have not tried this cc cream, add it to your next Sephora haul.  It has such a great natural coverage.  It is a lot more full coverage than I was expecting when I first tried it, but it feels so light on your skin.  There are limited color options, but don't let that deter you, becuase it's easier than you think to find a good match.  I sometimes mix the 'light' and 'medium colors if I am a little more tan or self-tanned, but usually can just wear the 'light' shade.  I also love that this has SPF 50 included in it.  

Concealer - Another item to add to your next beauty haul if you have not tried this concealer.  This concealer is amazing.  It is so full coverage and hydrating.  I can have really dry under-eyes and some concealers just extenuate the problem, but this one has great coverage and actually looks like my skin.  This concealer is thicker than most so a little bit goes a long way and it's really build-able.  So if I want something more dramatic for nighttime, it's easy just to apply more. I also have a few colors of this depending on how tan I am and whether I am using it for my under-eyes or spot concealing.  I have also tried the matte foundation version of shape tape and really like that as well!

Under Eye Corrector - I use this as the very first step of my makeup routine before I even put on foundation.  It is a mircle worker in getting rid of dark circles.  It has a really creamy feel so I usually just put it on with my ring finger and press it lightly on my under eye.  You only need a little bit to see a big difference.  

Perfecting Micro-Powder - I had a hard time picking between this product and the next one as a setting powder.  I honestly use both of them if I'm putting anything on my face.  This is the lightest powder I've ever used.  You honestly can barely see the little micro-powders, but it does a great job of keeping your makeup set in place. I especially use this powder to set my under-eye concealer.  I don't like the use anything heavy in my under-eyes, because I feel like there is already enough product there with the color corrector and concealer.  I have yet to find a Charlotte Tilbury product that I don't like.  This brand is not sold as Ulta or Sephora, but you can easily find it at Nordstrom with free shipping and free returns!

CC+ Perfecting Powder - Another product with 50+ SPF and really build-able. I use this to set my makeup after putting on CC cream.  This is great even on it's own so it's great to travel with, especially on a beach vacation, because it's easy to just thrown on this powder and you'll have 50+ SPF ready to go. I like to use this to add a little more coverage in area that I want to cover. 

Blush - I love this blush for everyday.  I use it in the color 'Mood Exposure'.  It's such an easy blush to blend out.  I sometime struggle with blushes not looking natural or easily looking like you applied too much.  This blush is so natural and blends easily into my bronzer.  I originally received this in the sample size as a free gift from Sephora and knew I'd be purchasing the full size.  I think this is just a great universal shade for any skin-tone.

Brow Pencil and Brow Gel - I recently got my brows tinted and it was honestly a game changer in making it that much faster to do my makeup.  This look so much more natural so if you haven't tried tinting you brows and you have light colors brows like I do, then I can't recommend it enough. I love these two products to fill in my grows.  I honestly don't spend more than 20 seconds filling them in and throwing on a little brow gel to hold them in place.  I've tried a million different brow products and love these the most, because of how quick they are to use everyday.  If I'm going to an event or a night out then I may spend a little more time, but for everyday, these products work great!

Mascara - If you follow me on instagram then you know that I've been on a recent hunt to try new mascaras.  I love my go-to DoubleWear Lengthening Mascara, but want to find something that may give me a more dramatic lash look. I don't typically wear eyeliner or shadow on an everyday basis so I want to find a mascara that will give me more dramatic lashes.  Jury is still out, but I'm loving this new to me mascara from Lancome.  I first was impressed with Lancome when trying out their eyelash primer so I figured I should give their mascara a go as well.

Bronzer - I've mentioned this bronzer a few times on my blog.  This is definitely a holy grail for me.  This is the first bronzer that I have completed used up and currently need to restock!  It is a matte bronzer so it's great for contouring, but honestly just gives you the most natural glow.  Can't recommend this enough!

Tinted Lip -  I've had a few colors of these tinted lips for months and recently pulled those out for my most recent beach trip and fell back in love with them.  I have a really hard time with lipstick being too drying for my lips and this tinted lip is so hydrating.  It even has SPF 15 so it's great for this time of year.  I have the colors 'Petal' and 'Honey' and they're the most natural colors on your lips.  It goes on like a lip balm, but gives you lips the prettiest color!

Setting Spray - My love for the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray is not gone and that's still a staple for me, but I recently tried out this Supergoop X Milly Setting Spray and love that is has SPF in it.  So it's great for those days when you know you'll be out in the sun a lot and want to have some extra coverage.  You can tell from this post that I'm all about the sun protection and I love that you can continue to spray this throughout the day or as the refresh to ensure you have an SPF on your face.  It smells minted and fresh.  

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