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Monday, April 9, 2018

Packing List for a Weekend Beach Getaway

Cover Up Maxi Dress | Pull-On Short | Cotton-Linen Baseball Cap
Sunglasses | Silk Bandana | One-Piece Swinsuit
Straw Tassel Pouch | Woven Straw Tote | Sunscreen
Slide Sandal | Cardigan | Platform Sandal

When headed on a long weekend beach vacation, I prefer to pack in a carry on rather than having to check my bag, which means that I need to be very particular and picky about the items that I pack in my bag.  I am headed to Florida for a long weekend in a few weeks and these are the items that will definitely make it into my little checked bag!

Cover Ups - You know on a beach weekend that you'll be spending a lot of time in a swimsuit so you know you'll need a few cute cover-ups to throw on top!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Easy Shorts - I love a good casual pull on short for the summertime.  I love that they can be dressed up with heels or easily thrown on top of a swimsuit with flip flops and a tee shirt.  These are my favorites:

Hats - I'm all about sun protection these days, and while I'm fairly religious about putting on sunscreen, especially when I know I'm going to be in the sun, I still like to make sure I have a hat on when I'm at the beach or the pool.  I really like wide brim straw hats, but baseball caps are really easy to pack too.

Sunglasses - This one is a given.  The question isn't if I'm bringing sunglasses, but how many pairs I'll end of bringing.  I mentioned in a post last week how much I love sunglasses, so I know I'll have a few packed for our weekend vacation.

Silk Bandana - When I know it's going to be a casual day, I like to tie a bandana as a headband rather than trying to style my hair.  I think it's a easy way to look more presentable without having to add too much heat styling to my hair.  I just stocked up on a few new bandana for our trip.  It's nice that they're so affordable and have many uses!

Swimsuits - I don't know a girl that doesn't have too many swimsuits in their collection.  I've really gotten into one-pieces in recent years, because I just find them more flattering and conservative.  They're especially nice if your on a family vacation with a lot of little ones to chase around on the beach!

Clutch and Straw Tote - I like to bring one little clutch for heading out to dinner and a bigger tote to use when headed to the beach. I usually use the tote as my carry on and pack the clutch inside of that.  Bringing a tote leave me more room to pack since I'm only bringing a carry on and makes it easier to bring all my essentials to the pool or beach.  Here are some of my favorite beach bags and clutches:

Sunscreen - I'm really picky about my sunscreen since I have such sensitive skin.  I like to stock up on my go-to's before leaving since then I know I won't have a bad reaction to it.

Cardigan - I always seems to be cold and I love a classic cardigan to throw on over anything.  It can easily be thrown up on top of your swimsuit or dressed up with a maxi for dinner.  I usually wear a big cardigan on the plane since I'm always cold, so I make sure whatever I wear on the plane that I can easily re-purpose with the rest of the outfits that I bring.

Sandals - I like to bring a casual sandal and a wedge to dress up for dinner.  Again, I like to stick with one color family so that I can easily wear both of these shoes with any of the outfits that I bring.  You can tell here that for this trip I'm going for a more blush or neutral tone which makes it really easy to mix and match!

We've had some cold and rainy weather here in Chicago so I'm definitely ready for some warmth and sunshine. Hope you all have a great week!



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