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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wedding Wednesday

I thought it would be fun to start a wedding Wednesday series on the blog.  Seeing that I just got married in November 2017, and so much goes into wedding planning, this will give me a place to share all of the details.  So let's start with our wedding showers! We were so lucky to have 2 wedding showers and both of them that we got to experience together!  The first shower was with all of our friends at a bar patio in downtown Chicago. 

We had such a great time and it was a great opportunity for a lot of our friends to meet before our big day!  We lucked out with perfect weather and it was a great way to kick off our wedding celebrations.  I'll link what I'm wearing if I can find it online or else I'll link similar items!

Our second shower was with some more friends a family hosted by our lovely mothers!  These showers got us really excited for our big day!  If you're getting married in 2018, below are a bunch of white dress, wedding shower ideas.  I know it took me months to decide on my dresses and then for this second shower, I changed my mind at the last minute, because it ended up being so hot outside!  It's good to buy a bunch of options early on, because chances are you end up choosing one that you maybe didn't originally think you would wear!

Hope this helps if you have a wedding shower in 2018!!


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  1. What cute wedding event! The bride is really lovely and every one of you is also looking beautiful dear. Well, at the local Chicago event space we too will attend a barn inspired wedding reception and I am not able to find any good outfit for the party. I wonder if you couldhelp regarding it!