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Monday, January 1, 2018

How to Survive the Winter

Happy New Year!!!  Seeing that it's been less than 0 degree for the past 10 days straight, and above freezing still isn't in the forecast, it seems like a post about warm weather essentials is fitting.  I have tried to leave the house as little as possible the last 10 days, but sometimes it's unavoidable so if you do need to go out in those negative temps, here are a few essential items to help get you through these extra cold winter months.

1. Canada Goose Parka - Warmest coat ever, hands down. I am not a fan of cold weather and hate the winters in Chicago so this coat is a lifesaver.  We went to a Packers game in Green Bay a few weeks ago and the wind chill was below zero, this coat was the only reason that I was able to last in the cold as long as I did.  It runs a little small, so if you're on the fence, I would size up.  While this coat is super pricey, it is a classic investment in your cold weather warmth for year to come!

2. Ugg Pom Beanie - Once again, you know you can't go wrong with Ugg.  This is a classic beanie to throw on for those extra cold days.  I love this beanie, because it's resistant to getting dirty, especially for us girls who wear make up and worried about the make up on our foreheads rubbing onto our hats.  Given this is a beige color you're not going to have to worry about getting it dirty and it matchs anything!

3. North Face Down Vest - I love a good vest, but hate when they're too short and leave my sides cold.  Plus I like that is covered my butt.  The length of this vest and the fact that it is down filled makes it perfect for those really cold days when you need an extra layer under your jacket.  This vest has a super flattering fit with a pulled in waist. I would size up if you plan to put bulky sweaters underneath.  

4. Madewell Cape Scarf - The cape scarf just looks cozy!  The warm colors make it easy to pair with jeans, black or brown.  It's versatility is an added plus to wear as a scarf over your extra puffy coats.  The plaid prints make it looks more expensive than it is; plus it's currently on sale! 25% off!

5. Free People Brushed Scarf - I've had my eye on this scarf for a few years now, thinking that the oversized look might be too trendy for me, but years later and it's still on my mind.  The extra soft material and thick fringe make this scarf extra cute. It is especially useful for holiday travel as it can double as a blanket in those cold airports and car rides.   It's another versatile piece that can be worn into spring as a wrap. 

6. Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses - Most people think sunglasses and they think summertime, but I actually find myself reaching for sunglasses just as much in the winter, because of the glare off the snow.  When I was younger I even burned my eye while on a ski trip, because it gets so bright with all of the white snow and being closer to the sun on those mountaintops.  I love the classic aviator style and love that these are polarized.  They have been on my wishlist for a long time!

7. Smartwoold Base Layer Bottoms - Smartwool brand is like the holy grail for warmth in the winter.  If I'm ever worried about the cold, I always throw on smartwools socks and never have to worry about my toes getting too cold.  These leggings are perfect to put on under your snow pants for a ski day, because they're still cute to walk around in even when you take those snow pants off. They're even great for outdoor running. They're pricy, but you can't always put a price on being warm!

8. Ugg Mittens - I have always been a mitten girl.  I think they keep you hands so much more warm than gloves do, plus they make it easier to put a hand warmer in your mitten!  You can't go wrong with Ugg mittens as you know they will keep you finger warms.  I have a bad habit of dropped a mitten so I'm hesitant to buy my next pair for fear of losing them again!

9. Kate Spade Mitten - I LOVE these mittens.  They're so cute and classic.  I've had the yellow pair for years (miraculously not lost them), but love the gray version.  I think the gray pair wouldn't get dirty as easily. 

10. Sorel Snow Boots - These boots are such a classic snow boot.  These boots are so warm and cozy, but still cute to walk around in.  They're practical for those blow zero days, but add a bit of flare to your winter outfit.  I also wore these to the packer game and with a few foot warmers thrown in my boot, my toes never got cold. They're very waterproof so you don't have to worry about stamping through snow. 

11. Smartwool Socks - You truly can't go wrong with smartwool.  The breathable merino wool blend keeps your feet warm and dry.  These are essential to put on in your boots to keep your toes warm!

12. Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturizer - I'd be remiss not to mention your skin on those below zero days.  Extra strong moisturizer is so important during those cold winter months.  If you're not convinced by me, read the reviews on nodstroms - almost 5 stars!  There are a lot of people that swear by this classic moisturizer for the wintertime!

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