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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Loving Lately

There's a few things on my wish list right now that I'm dying for, but know it should wait until after we move.  There is nothing worse than having to pack everything you own into boxes so I figured if I can acquire a few less things in the next month or two that still just slightly lessen the load. So after the move, I'm already saving for a few things I know I'd love.

I'm on a serious black and white kick lately, at least more than usual and I'm sure that will show in some of the decor we pick for the new place.  I am especially loving this runner; I'm thinking for the kitchen, but I'm going to have to wait and see!

A KING BED!  We currently have a queen bed and while it seems like plenty of space, nothing beats the feeling after a solid night of sleep.  I am a champion sleeper and am definitely one that needs her beauty sleep.  We are going to have to do some serious research on this topic to make sure we get a good one.  That said, with a new bed comes a new headboard or frame.  We just got our current headboard when we moved into our current apartment 3 years ago and I love it so it will be really sad to get a new one.  I'm thinking this time I just want the headboard rather than a full on frame so it will be much cheaper, but still a big decision!

Throw blankets are my most recent weakness.  How cute is this pom pom throw from Nordstroms?! It just seems pointless to buy before we move. I may just have to start buying apartment stuff and have it shipping to my moms for her to bring up once we move in.  #HiMom #extrastorage #impatient

And a few links I'm loving lately..

How crazy is this article about marriage! My how things have changed over the years!

I love carpool karaoke and I love Adele so obviously I love this video!

Happy Wednesday!


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