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Monday, December 7, 2015

Happy December!

Well what do you know.. It's been another couple of months since my last post.  Things have been busy with weekends filled out family, friends, weddings, celebrations, birthday, thanksgiving.  I'll share a few pictures of all of the big events we've had going on.

We are 10 days away from heading to our vacation in Punta Cana and it still feels so far away.  I definitely need to do some inventory on my beach clothes.  I'm sure I'll be packing nothing but swimsuits and sundresses which will be so nice.  I did a little online shopping to see if I could find any cute suits or sundresses, but most places don't even have anything out yet let alone on sale. That's probably best since I have plenty of beach clothes as it is.

We will come right back from our beach vacation ready to celebrate the holidays.  We skipped out on fully decking out our apartment in Christmas decorations this year.  We are hoping to be moving soon so we avoided it for fear of having to pack up all the decor along with all of our other belongings after the holidays.  Plus with us being gone a lot for the month of December, I think we will just appreciate our parents decorations when we go to visit them for the holidays.
Celebrating the Wedding of our good friends Lauren and Don!

At the wedding celebration

Celebrating our Hawkeyes post wedding celebration

Celebrating Mom's birthday
Celebrating Mom's birthday
Celebrating a wedding on Halloween

We have another wedding this weekend and then off to our beach vacation.  And then it will holiday festivities the rest of the year! What a great 2015, but really excited for what 2016 has to bring!


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