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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Weekend of 4 Froyo's

Another successful Chicago summer weekend in the books.  Last week I set some records by making to a class at the gym Monday-Thursday and logging 21 running miles!  Thursday class was called Iron Ride and it was outside on the pool deck- so nice! It was a mix to spinning and strength which was really fun.  I'm not much of a spinner.  It is so hard for me to get my heart rate up when I am on the spin bike.  I feel like I'm much more effective just going outside for a run, but at least I gave it a try!

My friend, Libby, getting ready to ride!

Friday night I got home from work, put on my PJ's right away and then decided I wanted to get up and walk.  Go figure, I make a few pit stops on my walk to check out the Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale!  The Michigan Ave Nordstrom's store is finally almost done with their renovations and it looks really nice. 

So fancy!  Surprisingly I didn't end up buying anything.  But I did end up stopping for frozen yogurt on my way home. Spoiler: I ended up getting frozen yogurt 4 times this weekend! Talk about a good weekend!  

Saturday we went for a walk around the city and along the riverwalk and of course, make another stop for some frozen yogurt.  We had a doctors appointment that afternoon to get checked for food allergies.  Confession: I've never in my life had blood drawn. I figured better time than ever to check my blood for anything else possible so they ended up taking 3 veils of blood! I cried through the whole thing.. like a baby.  We went to a doctor that had been recommended to us, but I thought he was a little weird so I'm not sure we would go back.  I'm excited to get our results; it should only take a few weeks. They test 184 foods for possible allergies or intolerance's, 

Proof of our pain!  

Saturday night we went to Nando's Peri Peri on Randolph St.  We went there over the 4th of July and it was really good.  It's nice that it's pretty quick and it wasn't busy since I think they get people their food fast.  Again, it didn't disappoint and I would recommend anyone in the Chicago area to check it out.  And again, we had to end our night with some froyo again!

I just can't get enough!

Sunday we made the journey out the Arlington Park to take my cousins to Lego Discovery Center.

I think they had a great time and we ended the play date with frozen yogurt again!  

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