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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Random Thursday Thoughts

Is it just me or has this week been moving at a snails pace? I don't know what it is, but I'm extra anxious for the weekend.  I thought I'd share a few thoughts for this gloomy Chicago Thursday.  Fair warning, this is a very random post so I may jump around a little more than usual.

1. Yesterday I went a little overboard with my workouts. I went for a quick run in the morning, only 3 miles and then did two workout classes last night.  Let's just say I woke up this morning TIRED! I'm pretty much just all over sore right now. I did my usual Body 360 class at my gym which is my favorite class and then I headed over to the Bucktown Daily Method to do their free Planks in the Park class with some friends!  It was a little chilly for an August night in Chicago, but we warmed up really quickly once class got started.  I don't spend much time in the Bucktown area and was amazed at all of the shopping up there; that's going to have to be added to my list to check out more often.  I'm not much of a "barre class" connoisseur, but that class was harder than I thought it was going to be.  I wish I had a studio closer to me in the West Loop, because I might check it out more often if that were the case.

Ready to get sweaty!

The class was in such a cute park!

After class we checked out Goddess and the Grocer which had a great salad bar.  Obviously I ate imy whole salad before I even had a chance to get a photo.  It was honestly delicious, but I think I'm spoiled by checking on Whole Foods on a daily basis.

2. I was supposed to have a cleaning person coming this morning, but she cancelled on me last minute.  We have never had a cleaning person come to our apartment in the almost 2.5 years we have lived there so I was really excited to finally get a really deep clean.  Hopefully I can get her to reschedule soon, because I was like a kid on Christmas looking forward to that.

3. We are getting our food allergy test results back on Saturday and I'm getting very anxious.  The test we did tests 184 food allergy's and rates them on a scale of 1-5 for how intolerant our body is of that food. It's going to be very interesting what it comes back with; I'll make sure to share my results! Worst case scenario would be that I'm not allergic to anything and this is as good as I'm going to feel ever! Ha!

4. We are still on our juicing kick, but have found that we don't have the right glasses to house all of our juice so we bought these mason jar's from Target in hopes that it will make our juicing lives easier, but they're pretty cute too with the monograms on them.

5. I don't think I've mentioned this, but I bought the Apple Watch a few months back and to give you a quick review: I LOVE IT.  I get asked all the time what I think of it and I tell everyone how much I love it.  I use it quite a bit to track my fitness and I've found it to be really accurate (as if I would expect anything less from Apple). I love the alerts it gives me and being able to answer a phone call straight from my wrist is really impressive.  Apparently they are coming out with some updates for it this fall so I'm really excited to see how those go.

6. I am still eating gluten free. I think it's been 6 weeks now. I haven't noticed a huge different except maybe my skin being more clear.  We started juicing right around the same time so it could easily be from all of the extra veggies I've been having through the juice as well.  Honestly, the biggest thing I miss is eating a sandwich. It's pretty much daily now that I crave a good sandwich.  We have been finding some good gluten free pizza so I really don't miss pizza since we still eat that regularly.

I think I've dragged you all through enough of my random thoughts for today.  I'm still working on some other exciting posts so stay tuned!


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