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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bix Weekend

I had a fun filled weekend in Iowa this past weekend.  I got in late on Friday night.  There was horrible construction between Chicago and Iowa that really slowed things down.  I was signed up for a race on Saturday morning so I will quick to head to bed.

Saturday morning came too quickly as we were up by 6:15 and out the door by 6:30 to head downtown Davenport to the start of the race.  Bix 7 is a 7 mile race through downtown Davenport and is know for it's huge hills.  The race has been going on since 1975 and this year had almost 18,000 runners!  It was definitely a crowded race and I wish they would have done more of a staggered start since we were pretty boxed in for almost the first half the race.  The temperature at race start was only 82 degrees, but the heat index was over 100! I definitely could feel the humidity and was really happy for it to be over with!  I ran with my good friend Lauren, the one in the teal tank and it was so nice to get to catch up a little bit along the course.  We finished in 1:06 which was slower than I thought I would be, but the heat and hills just got the best of me!

This picture was pre-race before all of the sweaty-ness started. The race started with over a half mile stretch straight uphill! It winds through residential neighborhoods and most people with houses along the route have big parties going on during  the race which makes it really fun.  It is an out and back course so it was good to know that any hill we climbed we would get to come back down.

We were all a sweaty mess after the race, but the Bix is always known for it's great post race food.  Although not much sounded good with the 100+ head index, I did go straight for a Popsicle which is completely underrated for people over the age of 10. I think I need to mix in Popsicle's more often! It was so good!

After the race I quickly ran home, shower (completely unnecessary since I was going right back outside into the heat, and headed off to meet my Dad and Sister.  We had a nice lunch by the pool outside at the Outing Club and then I played some tennis with my brother in law.  We played at 2:00 in the afternoon at the heat of the day.  We only lasted 30 minutes, because it was pretty unbearable.  I should have just jumped straight into the pool!

Saturday night we had a big birthday party for my sister at my Mom's house.  She even catered Chipotle which is my sisters favorite.  I completely forgot to take any pictures, but we had over 30 people at my mom's house!  It was a quick trip, but it's always nice to get out of the city for the weekend.

I'll leave you with one last thing I'm loving lately.  As I've mentioned here - we've gone gluten free so we are trying all of the gluten free options we can find and these are amazing!

Happy Hump Day!


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