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Friday, April 10, 2015

Thoughts for this Friday

I hate to say it, but I think this week actually few by.  Maybe that's because last week dragged on so badly since it was my first week back from vaca. It was a dreary week in Chicago with lots of rain and crazy weather.  I am so anxious for warm weather and am so excited it's finally spring. This weekend will be another low key weekend and I couldn't be more anxious for Friday night.  Although I have to admit, even on the dreariest day, this city is so pretty.

I am on a hunt for a good pair of boyfriend jeans so if anyone has suggestions feel free to chime in.  I may even run to Nordstrom Rack tonight to see what I can find.  I found a new blog that is prompting me to downside my closet, as if that is going to be possible for me.  She has a really interested way of organizing her closet and uses capsules for each season with only 37 pieces per season! I don't think I could be that extreme.

My tulips I bought last week finally hit the trash can.  They were gorgeous while they lasted and helped the apartment look fresh after coming back to a mess from vacation.  I think I may need to make another stop at Whole Foods for another bouquet. 

Last weekend we ran out to the outlet mall in Aurora to buy me a new suitcase since my carry on broke for the 3rd time when we were in Roatan.  The Aurora outlet mall has a Tumi outlet so I was hoping to find a quality bag for a low price.  I succeeded in the first part of that, but it definitely wasn't cheap.  The picture below isn't the one I bought, but I'm happy with my purchase.  It was a nice carry on for $375 so still really pricey, but I'm hoping it lasts the rest of my life.  Yes, I'm being a bit dramatic. 


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