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Saturday, January 10, 2015

AZ - Take Me Back!

A few randoms for this freezing friday...

Last weekend we flew down the AZ for a long weekend.  When we landed it was 45 degree which was still 40 degree warmer than Chicago so I'll take it.  It was a busy couple of day and we happened to fit quite a bit in during those 4 days in the sunny weather.  We stayed in the same house/resort that we stayed in for the sisters wedding which was a little crazy and felt like we were just there!

Cozy by the fire the first night

We woke up to sunny skies and a gorgeous view of the city
Fun cocktail at the resort bar
Plane tour of the Grand Canyon

We did some golfing!  I haven't golfed in 15 years!

So I ended up in the sand! haha!
How gorgeous is that view!
And tennis was played..
And then we came home to this..

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