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Friday, January 9, 2015

A Year of Jawbone

I've officially been wearing my jawbone (basically the same thing as a fitbit) for over a year.  I received it last Christmas and basically didn't take it off until just yesterday.  I think a year of wear and tear finally got the best of it, because it no longer works.  It will still track my steps, but I can't put it on sleep mode and it doesn't do the vibrate reminders that I have set up for it.  I'm not even mad, because at this point I am really excited about the new jawbone that came out.  It has the ability to track your heart rate and tracks your sleep in more detail.  Although, I do think I am going to wait a few weeks before ordering, because I like to idea of not tracking anything for a while. And I have to admit - I am debating getting the fitbit instead only because of all of the cute tory burch accessories that could go it. :)

A few things I learned from wearing a jawbone for a year..

- How far 10,000 steps really is.  Yes, 10,000 steps seems really far.  And it is.  But it is doable, but not without some type of cardio exercise everyday.  I walk to work.. everyday.. 8/10 of a mile one way.  Which means just to work and back I walk just over 1.5 miles.  And it is just hard for me to get all of those steps!  And it is exhausting!

- It is harder than I though to get 8 hours of sleep.  For as early as I get in bed - I still dont' always get the full 8 hours. Typically I get into bed around 9-915. Phone off around 9:30-9:45.  K typically gets up around 6:30 and I get up around 7. That means I'm in bed for almost 10 hours some nights!  But even with all that time in bed - I don't always log the full 8 hours of sleep!

- I have a strangely hard time getting enough "deep sleep."  At least according to my jawbone.  Although I have to admit.. I don't feel much of a difference when I get a lot of deep sleep and when I get barely any.  I am equally as sleepy the next morning no matter what the Jawbone says.  It could be picking up on K's sleeping too, but who knows!

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