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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Workout Update

I am pretty happy with my workouts this week.  I think I am finally getting into a routine!  I started this new cleanse this week and changed my workouts so I am hoping to see some improvements soon!

Sunday- Arms and Sprints.  We got home from Minnesota early enough to get a few things done so I fit in a workout.  I did 10 minutes of cardio (alternating walking incline and sprints) and then 10 minutes of arm/ab exercises.  I repeated that 3 times for a total of an hour and finished it off with some good stretching.  My arms were sore for a few days after this one.

Monday- Legs and sprints.  Similar to my Sunday workout. I mixed it a lot of lunges, squats, wall sits and ab exercises.  I am really enjoying doing things other than running and am amazed at how sore this is making me.

Our small apartment gym in the basement of our building.
Tuesday- Walking on an incline and yoga.  Both my upper body and lower body were sore after my last two workouts, but I knew I wanted to get a sweat in. My IT bands have been overly tight lately so I have been trying to stretch as much as possible.

Wednesday- Upper body and cardio. I pretty much did the exact same workout that I did on Sunday.  I am really starting to love doing less cardio and more weights.

Thursday- Legs and cardio.  Again - same workout at Monday. I did to do something to keep track of the results I have been getting from lifting rather than running. Maybe I need to take pictures of my huge biceps and see how much they change in the next month :)

Friday- Rest day

Saturday- Same arm workout which I am really liking.  I have really limited weights in our small apartment gym so I have only so many exercise I am think of. I have been scanning pinterest like mad trying to come with new exercises!

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