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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fashion Fridays

Another Fashion Friday a few days late. I had some trouble getting my photos to upload. Hope you all had a great week!





Stay tuned for a workout summary and weekend recap!  Hope you had a great weekend!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

I hate to admit this, but I think I went the entire weekend barely talking to anyone other than K.  It was super uneventful, which sometimes you need once in a while.

Friday night I headed straight to the nail place.  I had yet to get a pedicure since I ran the marathon so I think I just felt I deserved one. Since it was Halloween it was pretty dead at the nail salon so I didn't have to wait at all which is always such a relief.  I think if I would have had to wait one bit I would have just walked right out and gone home.  I walked straight there from work and man was the weather nasty.  It was sleeting at one point horizonally straight into my face.  I think since I have been working to work that has been my worst commute yet and it is just a glimpse of what is to come! After getting my nails done I attempted to come home and relax since K went out to watch the bulls game with friends I had the place to myself.  My headache quickly turned into a migraine and by 7:30 I was in bed lights out.  Not the most idea way to spend my Friday night, but I'm sure I needed the rest, because I slept 12 hours that night!

Pink fingers with a french on my toes!
I would love to say I woke up Saturday morning feeling heavenly, but that just wasn't the case.  Yes, my migraine was gone, but it was almost like I had a hangover from my head hurting so bad. We laid around the apartment until we finally mustered up the energy to venture out for brunch.  Our favorite place since we moved to the West Loop has been Wishbone.  The service there is not always the best, but the food is good and it is walking distance from our apartment.

Saturday was spent working out, finishing errarnds, and laying around.  We tried to go see Gone Girl, but by the time we got there (20 minutes before the showing) it was sold out!  It was such a bummer.   We debated going to a later showing, but we finally got our TV fixed - it has been broken for almost 3 weeks and the repair man came on Saturday and was actually able to fix it!  It was nothing short of a mircle, because at one point the TV was literally smoking. So we had a new found appreciation for our TV and thought we would just find a scary movie to watch on Demand. 

Bumming around on Saturday! Off to the movies! .. Or so I thought!
Sunday was almost identical to Saturday.  I think the only time I left our apartment building was to make a return to Gap.  Although I have to say it was a pretty productive Sunday and ended the weekend with this gourmet meal! 

Pulled pork, Sweet potato, Avocado, Green beans

Next weekend is shaping up to be similar to this past weekend, which I am definitely OK with.  It is nice to have these slow weekends before you know the holidays are coming and things will get crazy!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Workout Update

I am pretty happy with my workouts this week.  I think I am finally getting into a routine!  I started this new cleanse this week and changed my workouts so I am hoping to see some improvements soon!

Sunday- Arms and Sprints.  We got home from Minnesota early enough to get a few things done so I fit in a workout.  I did 10 minutes of cardio (alternating walking incline and sprints) and then 10 minutes of arm/ab exercises.  I repeated that 3 times for a total of an hour and finished it off with some good stretching.  My arms were sore for a few days after this one.

Monday- Legs and sprints.  Similar to my Sunday workout. I mixed it a lot of lunges, squats, wall sits and ab exercises.  I am really enjoying doing things other than running and am amazed at how sore this is making me.

Our small apartment gym in the basement of our building.
Tuesday- Walking on an incline and yoga.  Both my upper body and lower body were sore after my last two workouts, but I knew I wanted to get a sweat in. My IT bands have been overly tight lately so I have been trying to stretch as much as possible.

Wednesday- Upper body and cardio. I pretty much did the exact same workout that I did on Sunday.  I am really starting to love doing less cardio and more weights.

Thursday- Legs and cardio.  Again - same workout at Monday. I did to do something to keep track of the results I have been getting from lifting rather than running. Maybe I need to take pictures of my huge biceps and see how much they change in the next month :)

Friday- Rest day

Saturday- Same arm workout which I am really liking.  I have really limited weights in our small apartment gym so I have only so many exercise I am think of. I have been scanning pinterest like mad trying to come with new exercises!