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Monday, October 27, 2014

Workout Update

So I have to admit - one more week of not taking fitness seriously.  I think I am still recouping from the marathon.  It was a crazy busy week at work and then we went out of town on Thursday night which made it a very short week.

Sunday - I did my first workout since the marathon.  I actually decided to do some sprints on the treadmill.  I'm sure they weren't super speedy, but it felt good to get my legs moving again. I also did an upper body circuit that I mixed in with the sprints.  Definitely got my heard pumping and felt good to get a good sweat going.  My arms and abs actually ended up being pretty sore for the next few days.  It was nice to be sore in a different way than from a long run.

Monday - Morning workout with some lower body mixed in to some sprints again.  I did some lunges, squats, wall sits, and abs in a circuit style with sprints.  I also tried to do some stretching at the end of my workout too. My week started out much stronger than it ended.

I was at work late Monday and there early on Tuesday which meant no time for a workout.  I also had commitments Tuesday and Wednesday night and ended up packing last minute Thursday morning. I thought about bringing my workout clothes to Minnesota with us, but was already crunched for room in my suitcase.  I wasn't sure if I would even make it a priority while I was there.  I knew I would regret it; the weather ended up being perfect and I was up early so I could have got a quick run in.  I learned my lesson: never travel without running shoes.

I am hoping to start a new workout plan to keep me accountable soon so hopefully this post will be more exciting next week!

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