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Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Recap

It finally feels like fall in Chicago.  I'm even more glad we took advantage of the beautiful weather last weekend, because this weekend was completely different.  It probably dropped 30 degrees from last Saturday to this Saturday!

Our weekend started off with dinner at BellyQ - just down the street from us in the West Loop. We joined two other couples for dinner and it is always great to catch up.  And everyone seemed to love the food!  It is Asian BBQ - I had the salmon and it was very light and delicious! Every at the table got something different so it was nice to see all of the options they had.  They have the original menu and then they have two separate menu's that are either around $30/person or $60/person, but the whole table had to choose the same choice. We stuck with the originally menu and then ordered a bunch of different items. The atmosphere in there was really cool as well. Plus is always helps when you have great service as well - our waiter was awesome and helped recommend dishes off the menu.

Ready for dinner on Friday night

Very cool atmosphere at BellyQ
Saturday the weather in Chicago was snow/rain mix and the coldest it has been the season.  We slept in a little bit and I debated doing my 8 mile run outside, but figured it wasn't worth pulling a muscle or getting a cold.  So I headed to the basement to the treadmill and K headed to the gym.  After our workouts we grabbed starbucks and our drycleaning and spend the rest of the night on the couch watching Netflix and ordering take out.

Bearing the cold on Saturday

Cozy on the couch with our Starbucks

Sunday consisted of getting stuff done around the apartment and then K went to watch football with his friends. I treated myself to Starbucks again, but burnt my mouth and throat so bad that I may be taking a break from Starbucks for a while. I got allll of the laundry done on Sunday which is always a good feeling, but we didn't grocery shop at all so that will make meals this week interesting!

Have a great week! We have a busy weekend next weekend with the marathon and some of my family in town - can't wait already!

By the way - you can track me for the Chicago Marathon by texting 23767 to 37619.  

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