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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Running Update - Week of September 28th

1 Week until the Marathon! I honestly am excited, but can't wait for it to be over with.  I am looking forward to being able to do exercise other than running.  It is just so time consuming and honestly exhausting. I can't wait to be able to do exercise that actually give me energy rather than zaps my energy. I'm sure I will still run, but I don't see myself leisurely doing 2 hour runs on Saturday morning.  I will miss the large sense of accomplishment after finishing 20 miles, but I won't miss being endlessly hungry and not being able to stop eating.. ha!

Sunday - 1.5 miles. 30 minute work out.  I wanted to mix it up so I would do 5 minutes of sprints and then 5 minutes of weights -- 3 times for a total of 30 minutes.  It definitely got my heart rate up, but wasn't too hard on my legs after my long run on Saturday.  It was also nice to mix in something other than just running.  I probably ran about 1.5 miles.

Monday - 4 miles. I split it up by doing 2 miles and then some weights and then another 2 miles. I did the workout in the gym in our basement in the morning before work.

Tuesday - 4 miles.  I wanted to do 5, but I just couldn't quite make it.  I did the 4 after work on the treadmill. I did end up doing the 4 miles in just under 32 minutes so I was moving pretty quickly, but at just around 3.5 miles a few other people showed up in our little apartment gym and I just didn't feel like finishing so I called it quit at 4.  I tried to do 2 minutes of 10 min mile pace and then 8 minutes at 7:30 mile pace and I was actually able to hold that 7:30 mile pace for the entire 8 minutes each time so I was pleasantly surprised.

Wednesday - Easy morning workout.  My hip was really bothering me Tuesday and kept me up on Tuesday night so I decided not to do any hard running.  I did some walking on the treadmill and elliptical.  I also did some upper body weights and some ab exercises.  The last few weeks I have been working on a Wednesday, because they are busy days for me, but it was nice to get quick sweat in before a long day.

Thursday - Complete rest day.  My hip was still bothering me and I am getting really paranoid of over doing it these last few weeks before the marathon.  I know it's probably not time to check out of running yet, but I am really worried that my hip may not make it through the marathon if I don't give it a chance to rest for a few days.

Friday - Rest day again.  I wanted to rest up for the 8 miles on Saturday, because I really wanted it to go well. I still was able to get all of my steps in for a jawbone though!

Saturday - 8 miles.  8:57 pace on the treadmill.  I actually turned the TV on in our workout room in the basement and found a show that I got really into and the miles just ticked away.  It was 38 degrees and drizzling in Chicago all day. I thought for a second about going outside, because I figured that weather in the spring would have felt warm for my runs, but I figured it wasn't worth getting sick or pulling a muscle in the cold so I stuck to the treadmill.  Now hopefully I can keep that pace for another 18 miles next week and I'll be set!  Last long run before the marathon is over.

Miles this week: 18.5
Miles in October: 9
Miles in 2014: 1125

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