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Friday, October 31, 2014

Fashion Friday

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!  I think this is the first year I am not dressing up for Halloween and I couldn't be more excited about it!  This week started off at 75 degrees and ended at 35 degrees.  That's Chicago weather for you!

It was a high of 75 degrees! I wanted to take advantage of being able to wear a skirt without tights for the last time!

Ignore my crazy socks - they were changed as soon as I got to work!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

November Goals

I kind of skipped the month of October in terms of setting goals.  I figured finished my marathon was an accomplishment enough - I really just wanted to get through that.  The month just few by anyways and I'm not sure where the rest of the month went, but I have been putting a lot of thought into my November goals.  A lot of them will be continued from my September goals, but now that I am not running like a maniac I feel like I will be able to make them more of a priority.  I also want to be better about keeping myself accountable and actually keep track of whether I am achieving these goals.  So I am going to try keep better track - check lists - spreadsheets - whatever it takes to not miss a day.

I actually started the Advocare 24 day challenge on October 27 which has really helped reset my diet after basically eating anything in sight while training for the marathon. So a few goals of mine this month will be following that plan in more detail.  I haven't decided whether I will post my results in any way from the challenge, but I will probably at least do a review of what I thought of it.  I have done the 10 day cleanse before so this will be even more of a challenge to stick to it for much longer.

#1 FLEXIBILITY - This is such a long term goal of mine, but I am really going to try this month to keep myself accountable.  Running those long distances for the marathon really tightened my legs and it is now to the point where it is a constant distraction and something will even wake me up at night.  I would love to shoot for at least 10 minutes a day of stretching.  I think I am even going to print out a calendar just to check off whether I have stretching yet.

#2 STRENGTH - I am so ready to do something other than running. This month I am going to make lifting more of a priority than cardio.  I am just hoping to tone up and make working out fun again. I am going to try to do two days of upper body and two days of lower body per week. I am also going to keep track of this on a calendar - the same way that I used to track my running.  So stay tuned during my weekly workout recaps to keep my accountable!

#3 BLOGGING - I admit - this blog needs work.  More pictures. More creative blog posts.  And everything in between.  I want to keep my staples of fashion fridays, workout recaps and weekend recaps, but I would love to add some more creative posts.  November will be the month for that. So I am open to suggestions!  What do you want to read more about?!  Food? Life happenings?  More specific workouts?

#4 SOCIAL - Be better about connecting with old friends.  I have been so busy with life and work.  We always seem to be going somewhere on the weekends and my weeks have been crazy with work lately.  It is so easy to get caught up with my routine.  I want to make more of an effort to connect and even if it is just through text message.

#5 DIET - I think this one if a given since I have doing this 24 day Advocare challenge. I will update more on this later so I won't get into as much detail, but I am really making an effort to clean up my diet and eliminate a lot of things.

Wish me luck! I'm hoping for a great November!

Oh and Happy Halloween tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekend Recap

This was quite the weekend. We headed to Minnesota for a wedding and to catch up with family.  We flew out Thursday night straight from work.  I packed super last minute hoping not to forget anything. K drove to the airport from work and I caught the train. We got in around 9:00 in Minneapolis and my family picked us up from the airport.  We caught up with them and tried to get to bed early.

Friday the ladies went shopping while the boys went to lunch.  It's always fun to go shopping with my mom and grandma.  We tried to add some color to my Fashion Fridays, but I have to admit, most of what we got was black :)  We went straight from the mall to the church for the wedding we had planned Friday night.  The wedding and reception were gorgeous.  We had a blast dancing the night away and catching up with old friends.  I have to admit that I was a bad blogger and didn't take any pictures this weekend. I know I know..

Saturday was spent relaxing at my grandmas and then running around downtime Minneapolis.  We met up with more friends that happened to be in town, for dinner on Saturday night.  It is always fun when you find yourself in the same city as friends even without planning it!! This weekend we ate and drank well and got to catch up with so many of my friends from Iowa. I realized we have been to Minneapolis more this year than we have been back to Iowa!  We always seem to find an excuse to get up there and visit everyone!

We don't have much planned for this coming weekend so it will be nice to lay low and catch up on things! I am not big on Halloween so we don't have anything planned and I'm pretty sure we won't even dress up - at least I'm hoping not!  I would love to go see Gone Girl since it has been on my list for a while and I have heard great things.

Hope you're having a great week!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Workout Update

So I have to admit - one more week of not taking fitness seriously.  I think I am still recouping from the marathon.  It was a crazy busy week at work and then we went out of town on Thursday night which made it a very short week.

Sunday - I did my first workout since the marathon.  I actually decided to do some sprints on the treadmill.  I'm sure they weren't super speedy, but it felt good to get my legs moving again. I also did an upper body circuit that I mixed in with the sprints.  Definitely got my heard pumping and felt good to get a good sweat going.  My arms and abs actually ended up being pretty sore for the next few days.  It was nice to be sore in a different way than from a long run.

Monday - Morning workout with some lower body mixed in to some sprints again.  I did some lunges, squats, wall sits, and abs in a circuit style with sprints.  I also tried to do some stretching at the end of my workout too. My week started out much stronger than it ended.

I was at work late Monday and there early on Tuesday which meant no time for a workout.  I also had commitments Tuesday and Wednesday night and ended up packing last minute Thursday morning. I thought about bringing my workout clothes to Minnesota with us, but was already crunched for room in my suitcase.  I wasn't sure if I would even make it a priority while I was there.  I knew I would regret it; the weather ended up being perfect and I was up early so I could have got a quick run in.  I learned my lesson: never travel without running shoes.

I am hoping to start a new workout plan to keep me accountable soon so hopefully this post will be more exciting next week!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fashion Friday - 2 days late

Well this past week has been a hectic one!  My Fashion Friday is a few days late, because we left out of town on Thursday night. I just couldn't seem to get ahead this week, but don't worry, plenty of posts to come in the next few days!

So here is my Fashion Friday..

It was move day at work so I had to wear my work polo and tennis shoes.




We had a wedding on Friday and I actually wore the same outfit I wore to dinner the weekend before! The dress just seems very fall.
Hope you all had a great weekend! Expect a few posts coming in the next few days!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Recap

Another great weekend in the books.  It definitely finally feels like fall and I was finally not too sore anymore.

Friday night we usually go straight to pajamas and order in but there is a new restaurant that we have been wanting to try so we decided to venter out and check it out.  It is called Parlor Pizza Bar and has a huge outdoor patio which will be really cool in the summer, but it is already too cold here in Chicago to sit outside.  There was a 25 minute wait when we got there but they said we could sit right away if we wanted to sit at the pizza bar which we were ok with so we sat right down.  Our seats actually ended up being really cool, because we could watch them make all of the pizzas. The inside of the restaurant was really cool and we had great service which I love.

We shared the Brussels sprout appetizer and a Sgt. Pepper pizza.  Both were very good - the pizza was a little greasy for my liking.  I don't think we would order from there to pick up but the atmosphere was very cool so I could see us going back with a group. 

Saturday morning we laid around and continued our Wonder Years obsession for a while before deciding we needed to get outside. We made our way to the new shopping area in the south loop - Nordstrom rack, tj maxx, world market.  The parking was a huge pain but it was nice to get out and do a little shopping. We didn't end up buying much, but we really weren't looking for anything in particular.  K found some nice ties at Nordstrom rack and I stocking up on some tights for the winter.
When we got back we headed to Mariano's for lunch - I love their food bar for lunch. We ran a few more errands and then spend the rest of the night relaxing before our night out.

Saturday night we had plans to meet my old coworkers for dinner. One of them is moving to DC, which makes me so sad! We had an 830 reservation at tortious club and met before for drinks. We ended up sitting at our dinner table until 1am catching up! It was so good to catch up with them - I definitely miss working with them everyday. I am going to have to plan a trip to DC next year once they are all settled!

Love this dress from Gap - I have it in two colors!
Sunday started slowly as we were feeling the effects of the night before.  We eventually got the energy to work out and grocery shop. The rest of the day was spend getting ready for the week. I swear these weekend just keep going faster and faster!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Running Update Turned Workout Update

It has officially been one week since the Chicago marathon. I usually have been doing a running update, but since I didn't run or workout once this week there is not much to update on.  I took the last week completely off - I honestly don't think I could have worked out even if I wanted to - I was so sore!

I have been thinking about what I am going to do now that my long running is over. I do think I am going to do a 10K or half marathon training plan soon, but I think for these next couple weeks I am going to just make up my own workouts.  I really want to do more HIIT cardio workouts and want to tone up with some weights as well.  So I am going to see how I stick to workouts when I dont exactly have a strict game plan.

I signed up to be an Advocare distributor so that I can get the discount on their products. I think I am going to do their 24 day challenge.  I haven't decided if I am going to do it this month or next, but I am hoping that will jump start my fitness and clean eating.

I'll keep you posted on what I think of my new training plans! Have a good week! It is a short one for us since we are off to Minnesota Thursday night for a wedding!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fashion Friday

Happy Saturday! I am a day late on my fashion Friday - but better late than never. Our TV broke so we have been using my computer to watch Netflix which means no blogging for me!  This was a crazy week between recovering from the marathon, we had some new people start on our team this week at work, and half of our office is moving to a new building at work as well. I was a bit overwhelmed to say the least.  I have to admit I am pretty excited for this week to be over and finally be able to walk normal again!


No picture - I was a complete bum!




Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chicago Marathon 2014

I have to admit I am pretty relieved that the marathon is over, although I would be much more relieved if I would so completely sore.  It's Tuesday and still every muscle in body still aches.  I thought this time around I would be less sore, which I was, but it still amazes me how every little muscle gets so over worked and is exhausted.

Picture frame from K's parents for the marathon!

To cut straight to the chase - the marathon went well.  I finished in under 4 hours which was my ultimate goal of doing.  My time was 3:53 - so I really can't complain. And the weather was absolutely perfect.  I mean it really could not have been better even if I picked it from a line up.  It was sunny all morning and a high of 60 degrees.  To some that may have been a little warm, but to me it was perfect.

Ready to go on marathon morning!

I got to the start line around 7AM, and my corral wasn't set to start until around 8:00.  K dropped me off and he really couldn't get very close to the start line, because of all the traffic so I walked about a mile to the start line. My corral was pretty empty still when I got there so I would able to get pretty close to the start.  I talked to a few people who were standing next to me at the start and they are seemed to be from other states which really made me appreciate being able to run in my hometown. The announcer were great and told us a bunch of fun facts about the marathon while we were waiting.

1.5 million spectators
47,000 runners
28 unique Chicago neighborhoods
1 of 6 of the world marathons

Sign that K's mom made me for the race!
It was very cool and definitely got me pumped up to run.  I really didn't want to go out too fast since that is what I did in Nashville and you would think I would have learned my lesson.  I was shooting to stay around 9 minute miles for at least for first have and then see how I feel. Well that definitely wasn't the case.  My corral (wave 2, corral F) started right at 8:00.  The first half miles going under wacker and there were a lot of men stopping to pee on the side of the street - FYI to anyone running this race in the future, watch out for the pee'rs. The next couple miles were completely lined with spectators which was such an adrenaline rush and made me go too fast.  Here are my first few miles splits according to my Nike Plus app --

8:43, 7:34, 8:03, 7:59, 8:00, 8:10, 8:00, 7:59, 8:07, 8:19, 8:15, 7:55, 7:42, 7:44

Nike plus app
Nike plus app
As you can see I clearly didn't follow my gave plan of sticking to around 9 minute miles.  And I just knew that it was going to come back and bite me.  Around mile 15-17 I started to feel it.  Everything started to hurt.  I started thinking maybe I'm not meant for the these long run, maybe I should stick to half marathons.  Half marathons seem to end right when the pain really starts. But I just kept trucking :) I knew I really had a change of being under 4 hours.  I just had to keep my pace below around 9:30 which I was able to do and the spectators and volunteers were AWESOME.  I don't think I saw a single running take a water or gatorade and not say thank you.  After a grabbed water a few times I would pause to stretch and drink and every time a volunteer would come ask me if I was ok.  They were all sooo helpful and really made me love this city even more.

Marathon Medal
Marathon steps according to my Jawbone
The last half mile of the race was completely lined with EMT's every few steps and after I crossed the finish line they had tons of EMT's so if you paused or stopped at all you were quickly whisked off to the medical tents. As expected the finish lines had tons of great goodies.  No spectators were allowed in Grant park so when I walked out of grant park there was a huge group of people waiting for their runners and they were all clapping and applauding.  It was a really cool race to be a part of and I am so glad that I signed up to do it and checked the box.  I can't say that I will be signing up again next year, it just seemed to be so hard on my body and the soreness lasts for days. But I would absolutely recommend the marathon to any marathon runner.

Flowers from my Sister and Nic for the marathon!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Recap

This was quite the eventful weekend.. as we knew it would be.  We had a bunch of family come into town for the weekend to cheer me on for the marathon :)

Friday night I went straight from work to the packet pick up to get that out of the way so we didn't have to head down there on Saturday.  I took public transportation down to McCormick after work and then back home so it took a little while.  The packet pick up was HUGE.  I could have spent a lot of time there, but didn't feel like wondering around by myself.  So I just stopped in the Nike booth and bought a hat and marathon shirt.  Everything else at the Nike store seemed really over priced.  I wish I could have bought the whole store!

Overall the packet pick up was really smooth and I never had to wait in line at any of the stations.  I thought that the marathon shirt was really boring and expected more out of it, but that was really the only disappointment.  I got home around 7 from the packet pick up and we just had leftovers and pasta for dinner.  We knew Saturday and Sunday would be really eventful so we headed to bed early Friday night after watching a few more episodes of The Wonder Years (our current obsession.)

Saturday morning I slept in and K headed to the gym.  We cleaned our apartment a little and did some laundry since I knew I wouldn't be up for any of that on Sunday.  I wanted to make sure I have everything I needed to do done before I was sore for a few days after the marathon. Saturday for lunch we met my Dad and his wife in Greek town since they were in town to watch my marathon. Greek town is only a few blocks from our apartment so we were able to walk there which was nice.  Saturdays weather was gorgeous and we wanted to be outside all afternoon, but I knew I had to rest my legs as much as possible.  So we just laid on the couch and waiting for our dinner activities. 

We had dinner Saturday night at City Winery with my Mom, Stan, Sister, Nic, and K's parents.  They actually had a large square table which was perfect for 8 people, because you could really talk to anyone.  I didn't realize that it was small plates when I made the reservation, which I'm glad I didn't realize that, because we probably wouldn't have gone there, but it ended up being delicious.  We tried a bunch small items off the menu.  We ended up ordering 12-14 small plates for the 8 of us and it was the perfect amount of food. They have 480 wines on their wine list and even make their own wine there.  There was actually a wedding going on when we were there on Saturday night - they have a large outdoor space and the wedding was even outside! 

City Winery

S'mores dessert! Yum!

It was actually my Mom and K's dads birthday on Saturday which was a great excuse to try some desserts :)  Our dinner reservation was early on Saturday - 6:30 so we were able to still be home by around 9:00 and in bed by 9:30.  I laid out all of my clothes for the marathon on Sunday and headed to bed.  I didn't sleep well on Saturday night - to be expected considering our anxious I was for Sunday morning. 

Clothes laid out!

Sunday we didn't have to get up too early since we weren't far from the start time.  We got up around 6:45 I'm going to do a full post on the marathon, but after the marathon we headed to Lou Mitchells with my parents and K's parents for the celebratory lunch.  The rest of Sunday was spent in pain on the couch.  My mom and Stan brought us over pizza for dinner.  Bless their hearts, because there was no way I was cooking and we were not about to leave the apartment. 

Another marathon in the books!

Jawbone results after the marathon!
Monday night and I am still in so much pain and so sore.  I still haven't completely decided what I am going to do now that the marathon is over.  I don't think it's truly fair to make a decision since I have still in so much pain.  I think I'm going to take a few years off from full marathons and probably do some half marathons.  They just seem to be less hard on my body.

Hope you all had a great weekend!  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Running Update - Week of October 5th

Well I just finished the marathon! I am going to do a full post on the marathon in the next few days, but wanted to get this post up about my last week of training!  I have loved all of the feedback on what I should do post marathon - I still haven't completely decided and need to do some research on upcoming races and possible workout classes I can take.  Stay tuned this week!

Sunday - I did some light upper body weights, some abs, and walked on the treadmill for about 45 minutes. I wasn't sore at all after the 8 miles on Saturday which was great.

Monday - I'm taking tapering very seriously. I slept in and didn't work out after work either.  My workout consisted of my walk to work and home - that was it!

Tuesday - 3 miles on the treadmill after work.  They were harding than they should have been for only being 3 miles.  I tried to do a few pick ups during the run, but my legs just felt heavy.  Trust the process :)

Wednesday - Busy busy day so no work out.  I felt very sluggest and regretted not working out in the morning. 

Thursday - 3 morning miles on the treadmill.  I tried to pick up the pace, but its just so hard for me. I did 20 second pick ups with a 40 second rest for the last 15 minutes of the workout.  I have such a love hate relationship with working out in the morning.  I love how it wakes me up and gets me energized for the day.  I hate how I am not quite awake yet so I feel like I don't get as good of a work out.

Friday - Rest day.  I decided no more running until the marathon!  I'm taking this tapering very seriously :)

Saturday - Rest day.  Fresh legs for the marathon.

Total miles this week: 6

This may be the last running update for a while and may have to be renamed to workout update!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fashion Fridays

Happy Friday!  This week was a busy one.  We had something every night - not a single night did we just go home and relax. We didn't even make it to the grocery store which meant we were eating out most meals. It would have been nice to be able to catch up on things before this crazy weekend ahead. I have been getting more casual lately at work, because I just feel like being comfy with the weather getting cooler. 


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Life Post Marathon

4 days until the Chicago Marathon and I can't help but think about what I am going to do after the marathon.  This will be my second marathon this year, which means I have basically been training since January for Marathons.  Most Saturday mornings have been spent running for a few hours. Most of my Saturday afternoons and Sundays have been spend tired and with sore legs.  As much as I love the feeling of accomplishment walking in the door after a 3 hour run - I think I am to the point where the negative out weighs the position and I am so tired of being hungry all the time.

I have gone back and forth with what I want to do after this marathon. I know that I need to stay active.  I have debated joining a gym, but they are just so expensive and I'm not sure that I will love it.  I could see getting into doing the classes they provide and there is actually a nice gym right next to my new office building, but I think I could get just as good of a workout with the few weights that we have in our small building gym - for free!

I also like having a training plan to follow. It is a good way to keep me accountable and give me something to work for.  I think I may do a training plan for a 10K, because it wouldn't be so time consuming, but would give me a challenge.  I am thinking of doing something like this..


It looks like it would be tough, but wouldn't completely exhaust me.  Or maybe I should do a half marathon training plan?  I don't know.. What I do know is that I am excited for this marathon and am anxious to see how I feel after the 26.2. I'm not going to make a decision and set my sights on anything until after the marathon is over. Can't wait!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Loving Lately

1. Derrick Rose recently donated $1 million to after school matters.  Obviously, K is very impressed and loves him even more.. The first bulls preseason game was last night and K couldn't have been more excited.

2. Ashton Kutcher talking about what he thinks of Iowa.  As if we all needed another reason to love my home state :)

3. Make your own pizza night with friends! Last night our friends hosted us for a pizza night - it was such a great idea. She cut up all of the toppings and we each made our own mini pizza.
Pizza Toppings!

Finished pizza's! So yummy!

And of course one thing I'm still not loving.. Comcast! We haven't had TV for a week!  I finally got someone to come out to our apartment and then spent another 45 minutes on the phone with them! Ahh they are the worst!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Recap

It finally feels like fall in Chicago.  I'm even more glad we took advantage of the beautiful weather last weekend, because this weekend was completely different.  It probably dropped 30 degrees from last Saturday to this Saturday!

Our weekend started off with dinner at BellyQ - just down the street from us in the West Loop. We joined two other couples for dinner and it is always great to catch up.  And everyone seemed to love the food!  It is Asian BBQ - I had the salmon and it was very light and delicious! Every at the table got something different so it was nice to see all of the options they had.  They have the original menu and then they have two separate menu's that are either around $30/person or $60/person, but the whole table had to choose the same choice. We stuck with the originally menu and then ordered a bunch of different items. The atmosphere in there was really cool as well. Plus is always helps when you have great service as well - our waiter was awesome and helped recommend dishes off the menu.

Ready for dinner on Friday night

Very cool atmosphere at BellyQ
Saturday the weather in Chicago was snow/rain mix and the coldest it has been the season.  We slept in a little bit and I debated doing my 8 mile run outside, but figured it wasn't worth pulling a muscle or getting a cold.  So I headed to the basement to the treadmill and K headed to the gym.  After our workouts we grabbed starbucks and our drycleaning and spend the rest of the night on the couch watching Netflix and ordering take out.

Bearing the cold on Saturday

Cozy on the couch with our Starbucks

Sunday consisted of getting stuff done around the apartment and then K went to watch football with his friends. I treated myself to Starbucks again, but burnt my mouth and throat so bad that I may be taking a break from Starbucks for a while. I got allll of the laundry done on Sunday which is always a good feeling, but we didn't grocery shop at all so that will make meals this week interesting!

Have a great week! We have a busy weekend next weekend with the marathon and some of my family in town - can't wait already!

By the way - you can track me for the Chicago Marathon by texting 23767 to 37619.