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Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Recap

Another great fall weekend in the books. The weekends that aren't jam packed always seem to be the best ones.

Friday night started with dinner with K's cousins.  She and her husband are actually due with their first baby October 5th.  We are so excited to meet them and it is so weird thinking that the next time we see them they will have a baby boy with them!  The live in the South Loop - which is a neighborhood that K and I don't venture to very much so I suggested we try something new in their neighborhood. We tried an Italian restaurant called Gioco.  It had a very cool ambiance, but both the food and ambiance were less than impressive. The wine list was disappointing and didn't even have a chardonnay on the list. I ordered salmon which I thought was very good, but the rest of the group was pretty disappointed in their meals.

Ready for dinner Friday night

After dinner we heading to check out K's cousin new house that they are building in the South Loop.  It isn't expected to be finished until mid November so It was just the framing.  It was really exciting to see the lay out and we are really excited to see it when it is finished now that we have seen part of the process.

Constuction on K's cousins new house in the South Loop
Saturday morning I did something that I haven't done in a long time... I slept in.  I didn't jump out of bed and start my long run.  We actually stayed in bed until 9:30 which was so nice.  And then we walked to Wishbone for breakfast.  We used to walk to breakfast at least once a weekend, but since I have been training so much this summer we gone to breakfast much this summer.  We actually got to sit outside since the weather was so nice.

Our long walk/bike ride on Saturday
After brunch we put off our workout again and decided to take a walk and try out the Divvy bikes.  We walked through Michigan Ave and made a few returns and then found the closest Divvy bike locations.  Now to be perfectly honest we did have a little trouble checking out the bikes.  There seems to be some technicals errors and we have to enter all of our information and swipe our card 3 times before it actually worked, which was after we had waiting in a line to even get the machine to check it out.  But to Divvy bikes credit, it did eventually work and we checking out two bikes and took off along the lake.  I have to say with K being so tall and me being so short it is somewhat of a miracle to have the bike fit both of us pretty comfortably.  We started at Oak Street beach went up north past Belmont and then turned around and went all the way past Navy Pier and ended around Randolph and Lakeshore. I think it ended up being around 8 miles. I do regret not taking any pictures while we were on the bikes; the weather was perfect and the scenery along the lake is so beautiful.

After biking we walked to lunch at Hannah's Bretzels which K had never had, but I have had a few times at work.  It is all organic and the sandwhich's come on pretzel bread which you can never go wrong with. On the walk home from lunch we treated ourselves with some gelato from Marianos.. my favorite. After some digestion and our food comas, we set out to finally get our workouts in.  My legs were feeling the bike ride and long walk, but I still managed to fit in 10 miles.

Hanna's Bretzels Menu

Saturday night was spent in our PJ's and ordering take out.  We are creatures of habit thats for sure.  My ideal Saturday night.

Sunday was spend catching up on life-- lots of laundry, vaccuming, quick work out, grocery shopping, and trying new recipes.

Trying a new recipe - Egg white muffins

And once again, Monday morning comes way too fast and I feel like I was just walking home from work on Friday.  The best thing I know I'm on my way back on Monday morning.

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