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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend Recap

The weekend was definitely not something to write home about.  Rest - Recharge - Get organized - Finish 20 miles was what this weekend was all about.  

Friday I was actually productive after work since it was a rest day so I ran a few errands, which for someone without a car consisted of walking to all my errands.  And then I met K at the grocery store to get that out of way before my 20 miles Saturday morning.  We ended up ordering dinner after getting home from the grocery store - why does that always seem to happy - you bring home all this great food and then prepping it just seems like way too much work after being at the grocery store. So once again - twice in one week - we ordered Roots Pizza and I ate way too much and went to bed way too early for a Friday night.  We were sleeping before 10 pm on Friday night and it was awesome. 

View during my 20 mile run Saturday morning
Saturday morning came way too early, but 6:45 my Jawbone was buzzing and I was out the door by 7:05. I talked about this on my last post, but the 20 miles went well. They just ticked away and before I knew it I was laying on our living room floor stretching.  After I ran and K worked out we headed out to lunch and to do a little shopping.  We ended up decided on Uncle Julios - which was delicious, but our service was just terrible.  The rain held off for us a little longer to be able to have lunch outside which was probably one of the last time this year that we will be able to do that.  After lunch we made some returns and hit up target before head home just in time for the rain to hit.  We had an awesome nap with the rain on the window and woke up to sunshine.  We ended up going on a long, long walk and ordered for in for dinner once again.  We actually found a place with sweet potato tots and they were awesome.

K's Chicken Sandwich and my Greek Wrap - so yummy!

Sunday K went to watch football all afternoon with his friends while I caught up on things around the apartment. It ended up being a really productive day for me and I didn't get leave the apartment.  I probably should have got outside and enjoyed the nice weather, but it was really nice to get things done.

So comfy in slippers and sweats!

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