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Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Recap

Going into this weekend we didn't have single plan.  Those always seem to be the best weekends.

My walk home from work friday - made me even more appreciative to not sit in traffic anymore!
Friday night I knew K was going be late getting home and I was just set on getting my long run in so I dragged myself out in the rain and accomplished all 12 miles!  It was so nice having the lake front to myself and actually wasn't too cold - I bundled up perfectly.  I even saw a couple get engaged on the beach in the rain during my run - it was so romantic!

I was done with my run by 7 pm, showered and got straight into PJ's.  K got home and we made dinner at home.  We were sleeping by 10 which was a great way to spend our Friday night. 

Saturday morning we went our separate ways and both got a workout in.  Then we made the venture to Ikea - I wanted to get a full length mirror so I can start doing some outfit posts.  It is so easy to get lost in that store - it was like being in a maze.  I really wanted to got the extra big full length with the thick frame, but soon after seeing it in the store we realized there was no way that would fit in my car!  So we had a settle for a the smaller mirror and it barely fit in my car.  We made a pit stop at Buffalo Wild Wings and then made the trip back into the city.  

Following a nap we were invited to go to Cantina Laredo for dinner.  I have been before, but it was several years ago when it first opened.  It definitely did not disappoint.  We were with 3 other couples - all some of K's friends from high school  It was a great night and even kept us out past midnight!

Testing out our new mirror before leaving for dinner
Sunday I got up and did an 8 miler. I figured I could get a longer run in and then just have a few shorts one this week before my 20 miler next weekend.  The rest of Sunday consisted of laying on the couch, ordering Roots pizza, watching endless amounts of basketball and football, and blogging!

Roots pizza and garlic monkey bread - yum!

Sunday filled with football

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