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Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was jam packed just like the last one. On the schedule for this weekend was a bunch of bachelorette activities, a 20 mile run, and trying on bridesmaid dress for another wedding. 
5:00 on a Friday should never look like this!

Drenched by the time I got home!

Friday night starting with running through the pouring rain home from work!  It was an absolute downpour and I figured I might as well just run through it rather than wait around at work.  I looked like I had just taken a shower by the time I got home!  The night continued with meeting at a friends out with all the girls for the bachelorette party to make sushi. I had a 20 mile run on the schedule for Saturday morning so I didn't partake in the sushi eating, but it did look delicious.  My night ended early in part, because of my long run saturday and in part, because my friend has a dog and my allergies always go nuts when I am over there. 

20 miles done!

Saturday morning came way too early as I was up at 6:45 to start my run.  By 7:05, I was out the door. It was really nice to start early and the weather was perfect. I actually ran into some of the girls on the lakefront path that were in town for the bachelorette party so I actually had company for some of the 20 miles so the miles just ticked by! I am pretty happy with how the run went and definitely gave me some confidence back for the marathon. 5 weeks from today!

Gorgeous view from the boat ride!

After finishing my 20 miles I rushed to shower and change and headed off to get on a boat with the rest of the bachelorette's!  Completely forgot to even grab anything to eat, which I was definitely regretting later.  The weather couldn't have been more beautiful-- literally 75 and sunny!  We took a cruise from Diversey Harbor all the way through to the river.  I had never been on a boat on the lake before and the city was so gorgeous from the lake.  We cruised around on the boat checking out the city and drinking mimosas!

A much needed nap followed the boat cruise and then it was time for the night festivities! We had a great time celebrating her Bachelorette and played all the typical bachelorette games.  I was pretty proud of myself, because I lasted until 12:30 even after my 20 miler that morning!

Bachelorette festivities!

Sunday was more wedding festivities, but another one of my friends. I went to Bella Bridesmaids and we picked out bridesmaid dresses for my friend that asked me to be in a wedding a few weeks back!  Her wedding is June 2015 in South Carolina, it is going to be gorgeous! 

The rest of the weekend was spend doing laundry, cleaning and preparing to for the week! Nothing beats a clean bed! 
All ready for another crazy week

What a weekend! Jam packed with activities! I'm looking forward to next weekend, because we don't have a single plan on the schedule!

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