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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Running Update - Week of September 14th

Only 3 more weeks until the Chicago Marathon and it's getting down to crunch time!

Sunday - 8 miles.  I took it light on Saturday so I figured I could get a longer run in on Sunday.  It was a gorgeous day.  I really wanted to not get off the couch, but knew I would feel much better being a bum the rest of the day if I just got the run over with.

Monday - 2 miles.  I almost didn't go at all, but then I just told myself to go out and at least sweat.  It thought maybe if I got out there that I would feel inspired to keep running further, but that just didn't happen.  It was such a dreary day and I over dressed so was way to hot.  2 is still better than 0 for the day so I'll take it.

Tuesday - 5 miles.  After work.  8:15 pace - one of my best 5 milers I have had in a while. I had an event in the morning so I couldn't go before work - not that I would have because I have been so lazy in the mornings lately with it getting cold and staying dark longer. For this run I just had keep telling myself "don't think, just do".

Wednesday - Rest day.  Wednesday are crazy for me so I knew that I didn't want to rush in the morning to fit my run in.  Plus my legs were feeling the 5 miler the night before to be honest. 

Thursday - 5 miles. Not quite as good as my run on Tuesday, but I checked the box at least. I didn't want to push it to hard since I had my big long run on Saturday.

Friday - Rest day.  Had to rest up for my big run on Saturday.  I did walk quite a bit after work and still ended up get my 10,000 steps in so it was good to get my legs moving.  And I laid out all my clothes for my big run in the morning.  K and I were sleeping before 10:00 on Friday night which was basically like a work night for us.

Saturday - 20 miles.  I was so worried about the rain.. I thought for sure that I wouldn't make it the full 20, because of the rain.  There was an 80 percent chance of rain and a high of 82 degrees. I started at 7 AM, hoping to get as far as possible before the rain hit and then I figured I would finish the rest on the treadmill.  But the rain actually stayed away all morning and it ended up being a gorgeous morning.  My pace was already 30 seconds per minute faster than my last 20 miler which was a huge shock.  I think it is, because I started out faster than usual, because I didn't think that I would finish the full 20 outside.  The miles just ticked by and before I knew it I was on the riverfront path back to my apartment.

Total Miles for the week: 40 miles

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