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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Home Tour - Living Area and Kitchen

Our living area is even more of a mismatch than our bedroom.  We are slowing trying to upgrade our furniture, but still trying to wait as long as possible, because who knows how many times we will move before we are finally settled into something we own.  We have gladly taken hand me down and acquired some fun stuff from Target to hold us over until we are ready for something fancy.  Our couches are a hand me down from my mom.  She conveniently had moved and was no longer in need of them when I was moving to Chicago so they made the trip with me from Iowa over 3 years ago.  I have to admit they are really comfortable and fit pretty well in our living area so I have a feeling we will keep them for a while. I love West Elm so when planning our space I will really inspired by all of the light browns and greys that they have in their accessories.  All of our pillows and blankets are from West Elm as well as our coffee table. 

West Elm Rustic Storage Coffee Table - Was an awesome gift from K's parents for Christmas last year.  Our last coffee table was quite literally falling apart so it was something we just couldn't wait to get a new one.  It actually pops open and provides great stoarge inside as well as being easy to eat from, because it hieghtens the eating area.  We don't currently have a kitchen/dining table so this has been a great subsitutue.

Threshold Windham Desk - For almost the first year of living in our apartment we didn't have a desk and being that we didn't even have a kitchen table I was dying to have somewhere to sit down and work.  I wanted something simple and something that would follow the gray color scheme.  I played around with the location of the desk for the longest time.  The desk actually started out in the bedroom and then moving to the window in the living area and finally resides behind the couch.  I'm still not sure I love that location, because it is something in the way in the kitchen, but I love being able to still be in the middle of everything when I am sitting at my desk.



Front Bathroom


Living Area




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