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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Home Tour - Bedroom and Master Bath

Our First Apartment

We have been living in our current apartment for almost a year and a half.  We moved in April 2013 - the process of finding a new place wasn't quite as stressful as I thought it would be since renting is so competitive here in Chicago.  We actually only looked at 3 apartments and we knew right away when seeing this one that we should make an offer right away.  I did a lot of research of the neighborhood we wanted to live in and how much/how nice of a place we could get with our budget. I actually found on apartment on craigslist.  It was listed without any pictures, but I googled the building and saw that it looked fairly new so it could be the one. 
We are currently living in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago which we have come to love.  I was living in the Lincoln Park neighborhood for two years before moving to the West Loop and was a little nervous for the new neighborhood, but it turned out to be a great decision.  Our apartment is a 1 bedroom, 1 and a half bathroom apartment with great closet space and indoor parking. 
The furnishings in our apartment are quite the mix match. Some we inherited from our parents, some we bought individually before we started dating, some we received as gifts, and some we have decided on mutually. Since our place isn't very big, I wanted to keep the color scheme similar throughout the apartment and I was very concious of not making our place too girly.

In our bedroom:

Bed Frame - A birthday gift for me from my momma the first year we moved it.  I found it on wayfair.com and love it.  It was a little hard for us to build (although we aren't the most handy people out there so I am not surprised), but it has help up just find.  I am a little nervous for when we move to see if it stays together.  I am not sure that is the exact bed that we have, but it is the closest I could find since we bought ours over a year ago.

Sheets and Duvet Cover - I knew that I wanted to stay in the grey color scheme.  I am the time that I picked these I was really debated between a few different options of thick grey stripes. I went with the ones from Pottery Barn, because I knew they would be good quality and hopefully last the longest.  I am really happy with them - I wash our duvet cover at least once a month and the color has really stayed and is still really soft. 

Nightstands - We picked these out together.  We didn't want anything too fancy.  Just a solid black and something wasn't wasn't too large so that it would fit in the space between the bed. I really like having the extra storage space without it looking cluttered next to our beds.  I think if we did have a large bedroom I would want bigger nightstands, only because they still to accumilate so much stuff on the sometimes.  I also love the idea of having mismatched nightstands in the future.

Dresser  - This was actually K's before we moved in together.  He bought it for his last apartment and we actually built it together.  I'm pretty sure it took us a few hours - Ikea can be such a pain like that!  In our current apartment, I don't use a dresser, because I can fit all of my clothes in just my closet.  I also figured that having two dressers in our bedroom would just be too much.  It makes it easy that he got it from idea, because if we do eventually want another dresser, it will be easy for us to find one that matches the same color as our current.

A lot of the accents we have aquired through Target.  The lamps, rug, and mirrors above the night stands are all from Target.  I love the mirrors behind the lamps, because it really brightens up the room.

In our Bathroom:

We don't have much going on in our bathroom.  Most of the accessories are from West Elm,  including the tooth brush holder and hand towels.  I really need something on one of the walls in the bathroom, but haven't got around to finding something that works. 

Part two home tour coming soon! It will include our living area and kitchen.

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