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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

Big highlight of the weekend.  After over 3 years of living in Chicago I am officially a real resident.  I rode the bus for the first time on Friday night. It was easy on me as it literally picked me up from my building and dropped me off at the restaurant!  Even though it was rush hour I still had a seat!

Halsted 8 bus!
I had a girls night Friday night at Stella Barra in Lincoln Park.  I wanted to get in to Summer House, but they were just packed so that wasn't an option.  I had a few friends in from out of town and knew the food at Stella Barra would impress.  I originally went to Stella Barra about 6 months ago with another group of girls and was really impressed.  Very cool atmosphere and the food was delicious!

Atmosphere at Stella Barra - Sorry for the dark picture!
It didn't disappoint.  We started in the brussel sprouts, the chop salad, and the spinach salad and they were all delicious. The brussel sprouts = candy.  Sooo good. We then moved on to the pizzas.  I had to have the one with the fried egg on it.  It was a little more spicy than I remember, but still didn't disappoint.  We also had the eggplant pizza which was a special and the Rossa pizza which was also delicious.  It turns out to be a great choice as we originally wanted to go somewhere that we would be outside, but it ended up being a really muddy night in Chicago so we were happy to be inside.

On the left is the fried egg pizza and on the right is half rossa, half eggplant

Unfortunately, I had to end the night earlier than I would have liked as I had to run 18 miles Saturday morning!! 

Saturday morning - my 18 miler happened.  It was pretty uneventful.  I started around 7:15am before it got too hot and rainy.  The lakefront was packed with running groups, I think I was one of the few people actually running all alone.  I didn't mind though, because that meant I got to stop at every water fountain without having to wait :) I was a bad blogger and forgot to take any pictures on my run, but it was really foggy and cloudy.  There was so much moisture in the air that I was drenched after one mile. There were literally people literally ringing out their shirts, because they were soaked!  Only 7 weekend until the marathon! I finished the 18 miles, took a quick ice bath, and off we went to the cubs game!

It was our first cubs game all year, although it didn't last long.  3 inning in and it started to downpour! After over an hour of waiting under cover we decided the rain wasn't going to let up soon so we grabbed a cab and went for sushi!  It was too bad for our friends that came into town, because they didn't get to see much of the game.  

It ended up being a low key Saturday night for us - just hanging at a friends on the patio after the rain finally stopped. Consisted of some fun drinking game and being sleeping by 10:30.  My kind of night :)

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