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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Art of Packing

I am headed off to Sonoma this weekend with all of my immediate family on my mom's side.  So there will be 12 of us! We will be there Wednesday night through Sunday morning and I am going to attempt to pack everything into one carry on.  This will take some serious planning for this constant over packer.

I know I am going to bring lots of dresses, as always and I want to make sure I have something for during the day as well as something for night.  We will also be hiking and I am hoping to get a few runs in. This adds up to quite a bit to fit into one little suitcase. My packing process went like this..

Lay everything out on the bed to see everything I want to bring...

Fold everything to see how much room it will take up...

Realize this is quite a bit to put in one suitcase so I decided rolling was the best technique

Add workout clothes depending on how much room I had left..

Realize I am also going to have to bring a backpack, but pretty proud of my packing technique..
I think for this trip I'm going to have to implement the rolling technique to fit everything into my suitcase.  Luckily, I am not bringing too many shoes since we won't be wearing heels so I will probably stick to flip flops and my running shoes. I am hoping to get a few runs in while I am there, but there is no guarantee that will happen. We will be renting a house for most of the nights we are there so there definitely won't be a gym with a treadmill.  I think the house is out in the country so I'm hoping there are some safe country roads that I can run on.  I'm also not planning on doing a single thing to my hair the entire time we are there.  It will be air dried and curly the entire 6 days we are there. 

 I'm bringing my iPad so hopefully I will be able to blog a little while I am there!

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